About us

Established in 1968, Kuwait Sponge Industries Co. was the first ever company to manufacture flexible foam in the Arab Gulf. Since then we have continued to develop and diversify our production lines with new technology and machinery to provide a comprehensive range of high quality products throughout Kuwait and beyond. Whilst we always strive to provide the very best quality pillows, mattresses, beds and seating at affordable and competitive prices, our number one priority has always been and will always be customer satisfaction.

Mattresses, Bed Bases & Pillows


A selection of mattresses in a variety of sizes all made from the very best foam, sponge, jacquard and natural latex. Every mattress comes with a minimum two-year warranty.

Bed Base With Headboard

Expertly manufactured bed boards of the highest quality using only the finest materials for a product that will last for many years.


We can supply and manufacture a wide range of foam and polyester pillows across a spectrum of size, shape and density.