About us

Our journey started in 1982 as ‘The Technical Company’ and now we have been in the industry for 35 years. The recipe for our success has always been providing the very best for our customers while covering a full range of professional kitchens and equipment. We are now proud to have successfully achieved in becoming one of Kuwait’s best and leading stainless steel manufacturers. This is in no small part due to the wonderful testimonies and consistent encouragement of our clients. We never stop trying to improve however, and that is why we have invested in the launch of the new Mobile Kitchens.

Mobile Kitchen

Mobile kitchen trailer units are our specialty. As a modern modified van with a built-in barbecue grill, deep fryer, or other cooking equipment, the next generation of food trucks offer more flexibility in your menu and approach to selling foods at any outdoor event, whether you are in the city or the desert, by the sea shore or camping out. Mobile kitchens can provide any type of food outlet from Chinese to pizzas, burgers to ice-creams, coffee to mocktails or and even gourmet meals…

All of our mobile kitchens can come fully equipped and are available in a selection of sizes that can be custom-configured to meet your specific needs. The trailer units feature easy-to- clean stainless steel surfaces and non-slip flooring. You may choose from a wide range of appliances and support equipment. Your mobile kitchen comes complete with onsite set-up, support, removal services with complete maintenance solution.