About us

Originally established as Sulamain Alqudaibi Co. For Polyglass in 1968, Sulaiman Alqudaibi Co. For GRP & Plastic Products took on its current form just a few years ago. Specialising in polymer concrete manholes, jacking pipes plus tanks, pipes and fittings made from GRP/FRP (glass reinforced plastic/fibre reinforced plastic), one of our primary clients is Kuwait’s Ministry of Public Works. In fact, you and your family have probably walked or driven over our products every day over the past 50 years and not even realised!


GRP PipesGRP pipes can be laid above ground, underground and underground and are the first choice for many applications. They offer high-strength, chemical corrosion resistant solutions that are quick and easy to install with a life span of 40 years minimum.

GRE PipesOur Key-Lock and Taper GRE pipe series are produced using the filament winding process to ensure high quality and consistency. High mechanical and physical characteristics are guaranteed through the application of the highest standard in the industry.

Jacking PipesA unique combination of GRP and polymer concrete come together in a simple process to make poly-glass jacking pipes. The end result has the strength of concrete, the corrosive resistance of GRP and the industry seal of approval.

ManholesPolymer concrete manholes are the best products to date that can be used to build a completely corrosion resistant and leak proof sewer system. Sulaiman Alqudaibi Co. For GRP & Plastic Products can make polymer concrete manholes to client’s own individual dimensions and specification.